Chairman’s Message


H.E. Yousef Hussain Kamal

Over the past decade, QNB Group has focused significant effort on contributing to the development of Qatar and more recently, the international communities in which it has a presence. This special edition of QNB Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report provides a retrospective look at its CSR activities. It offers a comprehensive review of the numerous initiatives that the Bank has undertaken since the start of the new millennium that demonstrate its commitment to actively promoting a respectful and sustainable approach to the conduct of its business activities.

As the largest and most successful Qatari bank, it is important that QNB Group lead by example. The Bank strives for excellence in service delivery and this same attitude characterises its CSR approach. This ten-year retrospective provides highlights of key activities the Bank has engaged to support the communities that fuel its success.

Together Forward
In 2000, the Bank’s CSR activities were fulfilled through a Social Responsibility Committee and a Donation Committee. At that time, activities undertaken by the Social Responsibility Committee included the provision of financial assistance and public awareness programs that promoted the health and well-being of families, youth and the environment. A Donation Committee supported various sports activities, conferences and exhibitions.

In 2004, CSR activities were under the auspices of a Community Support Team that reported directly to QNB Group’s Executive Committee. The breadth of these initiatives expanded over the years and today the Bank’s CSR efforts have been unified under the umbrella of the Group Business Development Committee, which is governed by a CSR policy endorsed by the Board of Directors.

The current framework echoes the 2000 approach, focusing on six key areas:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Economic and International Affairs
  • Health and Environment
  • Social and Humanitarian efforts
  • Sports
  • Youth and Education


As you read through this report you will see that while many of the activities the Bank supports have not changed, the energy and investment committed complements QNB Group’s business trajectory – progressing from an entity wholly focused on domestic markets to a multi-faceted financial institution with a global presence. Over the past decade, the Bank’s CSR activities have also expanded to the international sphere, putting Qatar and QNB Group on the international radar.

Through its support for major international undertakings, including sponsorship of the 15th Asian Games (Doha 2006) and the successful bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the Bank’s CSR undertakings continue to ensure Qatar’s capabilities are appreciated over the world.

Through a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework and a determined commitment to pursue activities that are in parallel to its business aspirations, QNB Group is securing its future reputation as a progressive and powerful entity that follows a steady course with caring ideals at the forefront. 

Yousef Hussain Kamal


CSR and Staff  Engagement Policies

QNB Group Corporate Social Responsibility


(CSR) Policy Statement
QNB Group has established standards and guidelines to guide its corporate social responsibility activities. These include utilising sponsorship opportunities, event participation, financial and in-kind donations, and partnerships with recognised charities.

The Bank is committed to allocating a designated percentage of its annual net profits to providing general support through these channels within six broad realms:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Economic and International Affairs
  • Health and Environment
  • Social and Humanitarian
  • Sport
  • Youth and Education

CSR Staff Engagement Policy

As part of their job responsibilities, all QNB Group employees are encouraged to voluntarily participate in the Bank’s ongoing CSR activities. Many QNB employees, of their own accord, choose to support the Bank’s CSR activities either by contributing time or expertise to worthy causes in which the Bank has a presence or by giving generously in-kind support or financial contributions to fundraising activities conducted by officially-sanctioned charities.

Inspiring staff to respond to the call for action

QNB Group employees are active members of the local community. We have among us many volunteers, leaders and dedicated individuals who use their skills and talents to improve the community at large.

The Bank is proud of its team and it encourages all employees to devote a measure of their time and talent to support worthy community causes. During the past decade, these events have included participating in annual keep-clean rallies, assisting in numerous international events and fundraisers, helping young people to learn a new skill at a local community centre, and using their leadership skills to coach a children’s sport team and providing a warm meal to those less fortunate.