As QNB Group expands its presence in the international arena it is committed to helping elevate global understanding of the Arab world and its culture. Since 2000, the Bank has supported a range of activities that promote the Arab culture and way of life. By sharing the views and values of the Qatari people with expatriate audiences within and outside of Qatar, QNB Group contributes to bridging cultural understanding that promotes a peaceful co-existence which supports prosperity for all.

Promoting Arabia’s artistic sensibilities
Over the years, many of the Bank’s cultural pursuits in the CSR realm have been undertaken in partnership with Qatar Foundation. From supporting endeavors showcasing the region’s artistic sensibilities to promoting social events that provide a glimpse of the region’s musical talents, through its CSR activities, QNB Group has helped promote the rich heritage of the Arab region.
Art that gives back
QNB Group organised a two-day children’s painting extravaganza during Eid in 2007. The Bank then purchased each completed painting. The funds collected were shared among five local charities: Qatar Diabetes Association, Qatar National Cancer Society, Qatar Society for Special Needs, Qatar Society for Orphans and the Family Consulting Centre.
Promoting local culture internationally
QNB Group has worked with Qatar’s embassies in London and Paris to introduce European audiences to Qatar, through events such as photo exhibitions showcasing unique elements of Qatari society. The Souq Waqif photo exhibition held in Paris in 2007, for example, was organised by Qatar’s permanent delegation to UNESCO in Paris to celebrate one of Qatar’s most important societal landmarks. Among the other events supported were a reception held to mark the inauguration of the Museum of Islamic Art, a media briefing on the occasion of the opening of the new Qatar Investment Authority office in Paris, as well as a Charity Gala dinner for the auction of Qatari art to support the handicapped.

On the home front, QNB Group has supported festivities that celebrate the cultural richness of numerous countries, to promote international dialogue and understanding. It has also provided support to local organisations that encourage local participation in the arts, including the Qatar Fine Arts Society and the Social Development Centre which helps promote traditional arts.

Supporting legacy events
The Middle East North Africa (MENA) region continues to absorb western influences, activities that herald the richness of the Bedouin culture and nurture cultural pride in traditional pursuits play an important role in maintaining a healthy life balance for the people of the region.

QNB Group is a major patron of equestrian events and understands that the support of national institutions is fundamental to promoting events such as this for the enjoyment of the entire community. The Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club each year hosts the QNB Cup, a pure Arabian stakes classic featuring some of the top purebred Arabian horses today. Horse racing festivals are among the most important events in the country and the region. Qatar’s purebred horses are among the best in their class and vie for honors with the top horses and stables of the region. Their pedigree also attracts a very large and important group of enthusiasts to such events, further enhancing Qatar’s reputation for hosting a sport of this caliber.

QNB Group has also been the sponsor of the main event of the Annual Purebred Arabian Camel Race for the "Golden Sword of His Highness the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, for Sheikhs and Tribesmen". The event is held at Al Shahaniya race track. Through its long-standing support for traditional camel races held in Doha, and more recently Syria’s prestigious Tadmur Camel Races, the Bank’s CSR activities have helped sustain proud Arab traditions, which are at the heart of its society.

Honoring Arab traditions
QNB Group supports Ramadan activities every year, another CSR pursuit that promotes traditional values and ensures that as the country transforms and progresses, it maintains a healthy respect for the values that have guided success in this region.

Through its support of Garangao, a traditional event celebrated throughout the GCC during the Holy Month of Ramadan, QNB Group provides an opportunity for youngsters to take pride in their heritage. Garangao festivities help youngsters learn to value their roots and traditional heritage. It also fosters a strong sense of pride in the traditions that shaped them.

Supporting Qatar Television
QNB Group provided financial assistance that enabled Qatar TV to produce two unique cultural programs. Baba Langa and Al-Lewan in 2007. Baba Langa is a dynamic one-hour children’s entertainment program produced in Arabic and aired Meanwhile Al-Lewan, aired during the holy month of Ramadan, focused on raising the understanding of Islamic history and culture.
Cultural expression
QNB Group sponsored the inaugural Tasmeem and Mousharaka Design Conferences hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar (VCUQatar), which welcomed delegates and communications design experts from around the globe.

The Bank’s support of the conference is part of its long-term partnership with Qatar Foundation and bodies such as VCUQatar that together with other Education City institutions contribute to raising the quality of the national curricular programs and consequently support the steady materialisation of a comprehensive knowledge-based economy.