Economic and International Affairs

QNB Group’s active support and sponsorship of a wide range of regional and international conferences promoting understanding of the economic realities of the MENA region remained constant throughout the decade.  It is an element of its CSR activities that is expected to remain strong as the Bank expands its presence in the regional and international realms.

Support for important national economic forums
Under this segment of its CSR mandate, QNB Group provided support to important national economic events such as the Qatar Economic Forum and played a lead role in other key conferences that helped generate awareness of the unique investment opportunities in the MENA region.

QNB Group hosted the inaugural meeting of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) Regional Economic Forum for the MENA Region in 2004, featuring senior economists and leading member institutions, including all banks in Qatar and IIF member banks from the region. This event has grown to become one of the premier events in the region and was also hosted in 2009 by QNB’s affiliate, The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in Jordan.

The Bank also sponsored the MEED Non-Energy Projects Conference and the Doha installation of the Arab Conference on Population and Development in 2010.

Over the years, in association with the National Committee for Anti-Money Laundering & Combating Terrorism Financing (NAMLC) and the Institute of Internal Auditors, QNB Group has also hosted separate workshops and seminars on Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering & Combating Terrorist Financing.

QNB Group  is a major advocate of the role played by internal audit functions as it is a major factor that enables sustainable development in the financial sector. The Bank was one of the main sponsors of the First National Conference for Internal Auditors in the State of Qatar, organised by the Qatar’s Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Through sponsorship and active participation in such events, the Bank invests in promoting improved understanding of the region’s potential.

Fueling interest in regional investment opportunities
During the past decade QNB Group has been a diamond sponsor of the Annual Arab Banking Conference, which attracts financiers from the Arab world to deliberate on identifying the best route to increase the MENA region’s economic power and a diamond sponsor of the Qatar Economic Form on more than one occasion. It was also a platinum sponsor for the GOIC Policy Dialogue organised in collaboration with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and also sponsor of the Doha Convention on Natural Gas.

The latter focuses on various subjects of relevance, including Qatar’s role in shifting the boundaries of the LNG market, Qatar’s LNG strategy, and an overview of emerging trends in Corporate Social Responsibility in the oil and gas industry.

Sponsoring exhibitions to stimulate growth
At the local level QNB Group has invested in a broad range of exhibitions designed to help stimulate specific sector activity, including the Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition, the Doha Natural Gas Conference and Exhibition, International Middle East Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Shipping Forum and investor meets organised by the Qatar Chambre of Commerce and Industry (QCCI).

To support its growing operations, QNB Group also supports international exhibitions and conferences such as the Arab Banking Conference and the Leadership and Corporate Governance conference in 2007. The Bank also supported the Qatar International Real Estate and Investment Exhibition and Conference in 2008.

Promoting understanding of Islamic banking principles
Another CSR pursuit, which supports improved understanding of the region’s culture, aligns closely with the Bank’s business pursuits. QNB Group  actively supports and participates in conferences and events that increase awareness of Islamic banking practices.

These activities complement the Bank’s commitment to providing a wide range of Sharia compliant services through QNB Al Islami which has been a main sponsor of the Annual World Islamic Infrastructure Finance Forum in the past and has hosted workshops in conjunction with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) promoting awareness of Islamic financing and auditing practices in Qatar.

Stimulating partnership for the benefit of the economy
QNB Group‘s mandate as a responsible corporate citizen includes helping promote the nation and its ethical values on every international stage in which it participates.

An important vehicle for this is the Qatari Banks’ Reception held each year in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank annual meetings.

The reception helps Qatari Banks promote Qatar not just as a vibrant economy, but to help international organisations understand the culture of transparency and collaboration that defines its values.

QNB Group  sponsored and played an active role in promoting the Public and Private Sector Partnership Conference held in 2009 to support the message that innovative partnerships and collaborative work arrangements are essential to respond to the growing infrastructure and development needs.

Having established its presence in Sudan and  outlined its plans for growth in the country, QNB Al Islami sponsored the Sudan Real Estate and

Agriculture Investment Horizons Exhibition in 2009. The event aimed to help attract new investors to the nascent property and agricultural sectors which hold great potential.

Sharing economic expertise
QNB Group partners with the Oxford Business Group (OBG) to publish The Report: Qatar since its inception earlier this decade. The Report is an annual publication which outlines the State of Qatar’s economic trajectory as well as analyses trends for the upcoming years. It is considered one of the most comprehensive macro-economic reviews of the country.

QNB Group and OBG enjoy a relationship spanning many years and supporting the project each year contributes to the bank’s overall aim to promote Qatar’s thriving economy internationally, as well as reinforcing QNB Group’s stature within the financial community as a source of research excellence through its distinguished Economics, Financial Analysis and Research Department which offers a wealth of information pertaining to the country’s capital markets as well as the vast oil and gas sector which is a primary engine of growth, attracting rising levels of foreign investment.