Social and humanitarian assistance provides some of QNB Group’s most important CSR community supports. Whether through activities conducted at the local level to support orphans and others who have limited access to opportunities or the provision of international aid to victims of global disasters, this segment of the Bank’s CSR program focuses on spreading the wealth.

Help for the under-privileged
Over the past decade, numerous local agencies have benefited from the Bank’s generous support for charities. Recipients over the years included the Al Noor Institute for the Blind, the Shafallah Centre for Children with Special Needs, the Qatar Centre for Volunteer Activities, Qatar’s Family Development Centre and Qatar Foundation’s Social Development Centre. QNB Group has also supported the Eid Gift project, an annual charity drive conducted by the Qatari Red Crescent to help needy families in Qatar.
Strong partnership with Qatar Foundation
Through Qatar Foundation, QNB Group has supported important social and humanitarian initiatives, including contributions to the Social Development Center’s (SDC) Adumah Wa En Qall endowment fund. The Fund provides assistance to families that do not have the financial means to meet educational and medical commitments of their family members.

Another important initiative that has benefited from the Bank’s support on numerous occasions is the SDC’s First Step Program. The program helps underprivileged women take that first step forward, with the support of QNB Group, by providing basic job training, Arabic and English language skills, interpersonal skills development and more. It nurtures self-confidence and gives these women an opportunity to grow personally, in positive and enriching ways.

Honoring and promoting volunteerism
The QNB Volunteer Award is a third CSR activity that QNB Group has partnered with the Qatar Foundation and the SDC to deliver. Since 1999, the program has presented five awards annually – two to individuals, one to an institution, one to a student and one to a project of significance.

This program plays an important role, honoring the countless acts of volunteerism that make Qatar a better place to live. It encourages and rewards Qatar’s residents to become actively involved in philanthropic and charitable pursuits.

The activity generally includes an annual gala charity dinner, during which community volunteers are publicly recognised and acknowledged for their generous spirit. It aims to promote the value of volunteer efforts and encourage corporations, institutions and individuals of all ages to give generously of their skills, time and resources to help those in need and has become an important part of Qatar’s society.

Providing international aid
On the international front, QNB Group’s periodic support for Qatar’s Red Crescent Society and Qatar Foundation affiliate and NGO, Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) has enriched the lives of many individuals in communities beyond Qatar’s borders. In 2006, proceeds earned through the QNB Asian Games commemorative credit card supported survivors of the tragic earthquake that devastated communities throughout Pakistan. QNB Group has also sponsored ROTA’s Gala Dinner which raises funds for charities across the world. These are events in which many members of the Bank’s staff also participate.
Supporting the future dreams of Orphans
QNB Group has extended its support to the Dhreima Qatar Orphan Foundation as part of its continuing efforts to support the community at various levels.

The Bank’s sponsorship has helped the Dhreima Centre in carrying out its considerable responsibilities which include helping orphans in Qatar fulfill their potential and become an integral part of a well-qualified and educated future generation capable of contributing to the growth of the country achieving social development, which is one of the four pillars of the Qatar national vision 2030. The Centre’s name comes from the bluish-violet “Dhreima flower” indigenous to Qatar which signifies the beauty and innocence of these children. The Centre provides both residential and non-residential care for orphaned children and looks after each child’s health and psychological needs.

Support for individuals with special needs
QNB Group adopted a policy to ensure individuals with special needs are represented within the ranks of its workforce. This practice encourages the Bank’s employees to accept, welcome and work alongside individuals who surmount unique challenges to fulfill tasks able-bodied individuals so often take for granted.

Mohamed Al Jaidi is one such QNB Group employee who exemplifies the Bank’s values and work ethic despite unique physical challenges. In addition to being an exemplary employee, he is a leading special needs athlete and has been a top finisher at many regional and international events, most recently including the Regional Special Olympics held in Gonzo- China in 2010.

QNB Group has also optimised its work environments to make it easier for people with special needs to coexist and mingle seamlessly with all other employees. These include simple measures such as providing access to the disabled, and more detailed measures such as on-the-job training to help them evolve their skills with every subsequent year.