Grooming a nation of strong leaders is an important task for QNB Group and its CSR activities directed at supporting youth and education, aspiring to meet this need. Among the many projects and initiatives the Bank participates in are career fairs, active summer training programs for high school students and supporting key projects to help those less fortunate pursue education despite obstacles. These range from major international projects such as the Al Fakhoora Fund to support students in Palestine, to simple gestures such as providing school bags and stationery to under-privileged children to motivate them to pursue their studies.

Avid career fair host and participant
Over the past decade, QNB Group’s steadfast commitment in hiring Qataris coupled with an intense support for national career fairs and career days at Qatar’s leading educational institutions has not relinquished.

More recently the Bank has instituted its own dedicated career fair, inviting prospective candidates each year to explore the range of growth opportunities it offers in its expanding operations. Furthermore, in 2010 the Bank participated in Qatar’s first overseas career fair in London, aiming to attract new recruits to fill posts in its expanding international operations.

The Bank has also been a key supporter of the Qatar Career Fair, an event undertaken in collaboration with other leading national organisations such as Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Foundation, and the Ministry of Labor. This national event contributes to Qatar’s growth and development in important and positive ways.

Student scholarships at Qatar’s leading educational institutions
The Bank’s generous scholarship programs are another example of its commitment to youth and education. It has, over the past decade, awarded numerous scholarships, enabling several young and promising individuals to pursue their career objectives at Qatar University, the College of North Atlantic – Qatar and other local institutions.

The Bank’s frequent sponsorship of Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar’s annual Tasmeem Design Conference and, more recently, its Mousharaka Graphics Conference and scholarship awards to students studying at the University’s School of the Arts provides further evidence of its dedication and commitment to supporting youth and education.

QNB Group’s CSR activities on this front are not limited to meeting its own needs for quality employees. It has been a strong supporter of The Learning Center School, a non-profit educational institution devoted to offering services to academically challenged students. It has, on occasion, also sponsored extracurricular activities at the School, including a Children’s Taekwondo Championship.

QNB Group also serves as custodian of the Al Faisal Educational Fund which is a joint initiative between Qatar University, Al Faisal Holding Company and the Bank, giving College of Business and Economics students at Qatar University practical experience of investing in the local and regional stock exchanges.

With Qatar University in particular, the Bank enjoys a long term relationship. The Bank contributed to the construction and renovation of Ibn Khaldoun Hall, the main hall for lectures at Qatar University.

Support for students studying abroad
While QNB Group focuses the majority of its scholarship programs in Qatar, it has also provided financial support to students studying abroad. For example, in 2006 it supported a Higher Education Student Forum in London that enabled 100 Qatari youth to study at nine universities throughout Europe.
Supporting the underprivileged
QNB Group also seeks opportunities to help underprivileged children. In 2009, the Bank participated in Al Fakhoora Fund organised by Qatar Foundation’s Education Above All initiative to help rebuild schools and provide education to students in war-torn areas of Gaza. Many QNB Group’s staff members participated in the live telethon hosted to help raise funds.

The Bank also works to provide children with school essentials such as bags and stationery in underprivileged communities in countries where it operates. Most recently it conducted this distribution drive in Yemen.