Operating loans

Management loans

1)Overdraft facility and bank overdraft. QNB offers you the solution to finance your recurring needs in liquidity pertaining to the gap between your receipts and expenses.

2)Commercial discount: You possess bills of exchange payable forward in counterpart of your sales. QNB offers you the mobilisation of your heading customers.

3)Financing and pre-financing: QNB proposes financing solutions to your short term liquidity.

  • Mobilisation of claims on abroad: you possess in counterpart of your export, payable forward bills of exchange. QNB proposes to you the mobilisation of your heading customers export.
  • Campaign loans: finance your expenses during a campaign to buy agricultural or fishing products in order to distribute them, process them or package them.
  • Stock financing loans: QNB finances your stock of raw materials and finished products.

4)Surety bonds: back your surety bonds by the bank.

  • Letter of credit: QNB proposes to back your imported purchases by opening an import letter of credit.
  • Guarantee of draft in dinars and in foreign currency: QNB proposes to guarantee your purchases on the domestic market through the endorsement of your drafts in foreign currency.
  • Bank guarantee: QNB guarantees the carrying out of your contracts through the issue of the guarantee.