With QNB products and offering package, you can:
- Finance your new vehicle:

•New or pre-owned cars (less than two years)

• Luxury or utility vehicle 

Target customers

Salaried or non salaried customers. 


Maximum Loan Amount:
- 80%  4 hp

- 60% 5 hp and more

Wage ceiling: Depending on the salary or income

Maximum Loan Tenor:

- Maximum 7 years for a new vehicle.

- Maximum 5 years for pre-owned vehicles.

Reply time: Max. 5 working days

Required documents

- Signed and completed Application Form
- Tunisian ID card/professional ID card

- Salary certificate addressed to QNB (not older than 90 days) or retirement pension certificate for retirees
- Statement of income for non salaried customers (last two years)

- Bank statement for the last three months

- Registration card

- Pro Forma invoice or provisional sale agreement (new vehicle)

Granting conditions

- Salaried customers tenured in their current position.

- Irrevocable domiciliation of salaries addressed to QNB (not older than a month) or assignment of salaries (Retirement pension for retired people).

- Transcription of the lien upon the vehicle. 

- QNB may require other collateral or personal securities. 


- Easily obtained, once you provide all the required documents.
- Uncapped loan, depending on the customer's repayment ability.

- Repayment period depending on the income and the repayment ability, up to seven years and up to the duration of use of the pre-owned vehicle.