QNB Fidelity


QNB Fidelity is an investment product that enables its subscriber to benefit from scalable and profitable earnings over a pre-determined period.


Target Population

Tunisian customers, whether resident in Tunisia or abroad.



Minimum investment: 5000 TND

Period: 5 years

Currency: Dinars, convertible dinars


Year 0 

Year 1 

Year 2 

Year 3 

Year 4 






Payment of interests:Interests are payable at the end of each period of one year and at expiry for the remaining fraction of a year. 


Subscription terms

Method:All deposits should be invested upon subscription. Addional investment is not allowed after the initial subscription date.

Advance on a current account/ Overdrafts: Available up to 80%. In this case the bank receives at least fifteen days interest to be calculated according to the rate applied to QNB Fidelity, including a maturity plus one (1) percentage point.



Interests paid to the QNB Fidelity account are subject to withholding tax at the prevailing rate on the date when interests are paid.


Sale arguments


1- Convenience: An investment over 5 years, with no risk of loss.


2- Availability: An advance on current account / Overdrafts of 80% of the invested amount is allowable.


3- Profitability: Profitable, scalable and more advantageous earnings compared to the earnings of a Special Savings Account, a Term Deposit or a pre-determined Cash Voucher with favorable rates.


4- A subscriber to a Fidelity financial product can have multiple financial products at the same time (same product).