E- Banking

Your time is precious, that’s why QNB offers you secure and efficient online banking.

Thanks to  QNB Net and QNB SMS, you will be able to manage your day-to-day  financial operations  online.

QNB First SMS:

To check your actual account balances and those of the previous day, (on demand) as well as the last three transactions.

To get notified in case you exceed the permission to debit your account.

To get notified of any credit or debit transaction to your account exceeding the  predefined threshold.

QNB First Net:

 ·         real-time account balances

 ·         transaction history of the  last 3 months

 ·         card transactions

 ·         outstanding  cheques & bills

 ·         outstanding investements

 ·         outstanding loans

 ·         checque book request


To profit from QNB FIRST products & services , prior approval of the bank is required.