QNB is a financial partner eager to serve you. The QNB FIRST financing options   will allow you to carry out all your projects under:

·         a  preferential and  attractive pricing

·         a high funding ceiling

·         no management fees or early settlement fees

·         an answer in less than  48H from your  financing request


Direct Loans:

Designed to address an unforeseen need, the direct loan is limited to 40 000 TD, repayable over 36 months.

Vehicle loan:

Benefit from a vehicle loan with no funding ceiling other than your repayment capacity.

Home Improvement Loan:

Concerned about your comfort, take advantage from a home improvement loan of up  to

50 000 TD repayable over 5 years.

Buy or build your main or your  holiday dream house, with no funding limit and depending on your repayment capacity, at 80% of the overall cost of your project.

To profit from  QNB FIRST products & services , prior approval of the bank is required.