In 2000, QNB Group funded construction of Hamad Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and for years it sponsored an array of health conferences in cooperation with the Hamad Medical Corporation dedicated to improving the expertise of healthcare professionals in the region. In 2010, QNB Group represented by several senior officials visited the Children’s Wing of Hamad Hospital and distributed gifts.
QNB Group has also expanded its CSR efforts in this realm to offer support to communities overseas in which it operates. For example, in 2009 it provided financial support to the Yemen Centre for Autism, which provides behavioral change therapy, social and vocational training, and speech and language training.

Sponsoring relevant healthcare initiatives
Among the numerous health conferences benefiting from the Bank’s support were events focused on enhancing treatment for the blind, newborns, diabetics, victims of breast cancer and individuals requiring head and neck surgery. Conferences supporting pediatricians and primary health care providers received support as well.

The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) in association with QNB Group launched an educational campaign for schools in 2009 to promote preventative awareness of the H1N1 virus which at the time the virus was stoking fears of a global epidemic.

The Bank’s efforts were in response to the growing need to help the SCH alleviate fear by promoting hygiene as the first barrier to preventing flu of any kind.

Promoting healthy living
QNB Group has partnered with major events that promote healthy living among all people. Among the projects supported were a walkathon organised by the Qatar Diabetes Association and Qatar Foundation, with the support of national institutions including QNB Group, on the Doha Corniche to mark World Diabetes Day.

The Bank organised QNB Cyclofun, a community leisure event that promoted healthy, active living, in which a 4km span of the Corniche Road was cordoned off to motor vehicles and reserved for the use of families and individuals keen to cycle, skateboard, roller-blade or walk. The Bank’s Executive Management, along with many employees, also participated in the activities.

Promoting safe driving
QNB Group has been one of the strongest supporters of Qatar’s Safe Driving campaign led by the Traffic Department of Qatar’s Ministry of Interior. This important initiative aims to reduce the rate of senseless and life-threatening injuries sustained on Qatar’s roadways due to careless driving habits.

The Bank’s support for this important community initiative included the development and implementation of a dramatic television advertising campaign reminding Qatar’s residents of the importance of practicing safe driving habits – including respecting speed limits and not using a mobile device while in the driver’s seat.

In 2010, QNB Group worked with the Williams Formula 1 Team to develop a safe driving pledge campaign including an intensive awareness drive led by wheelchair-ridden Team Principal Sir Frank Williams and team driver Rubens Barrichello who visited Qatar to help drive the pledge campaign.

Constant support for the Environment
QNB Group support for the environmental campaign titled “A flower for every spring” was one of the most popular and distinguished of its social responsibility activities. The Bank has lent its support for such activities throughout the last 9 years, stressing the need to cooperate with the community to adopt an environmentally friendly attitude. This campaign supervised by Qatar Foundation calls for environment friendly attitudes and practices by caring for the flora and fauna and its natural habitat in Qatar.
Strengthening awareness about the environment
QNB Group has always encouraged its employees to take part in the National Campaign for “Green and Clean Qatar” run by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture.