Some of QNB Group’s most intensive and widespread CSR activities promote the value of sports and physical well-being. This element of the Bank’s CSR programme is perhaps its most visible and far-reaching component. In 2010, QNB Group’s support was instrumental in the country’s successful bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Undoubtedly, the country’s hosting of this spectacular, world-class sporting event will form a cornerstone for future CSR activities in the years ahead.

The Bank’s support for sport in Qatar includes both local and international sporting events. Efforts are focused on driving interest, awareness and participation in traditional sports as well as promoting the major popular sports of the country: football, basketball, handball, and volleyball, in addition to the prestigious H.H. the Emir Cup, and H.H. the Heir Apparent Cup.

Most recently, QNB Group extended this mandate to include a league-cup format known as the Qatar Stars Cup QNB which is one of the top events on the domestic league calendar.

QNB Group has the exclusivity to sponsor all first teams in all sports categories in the Qatar Sports Club. The current agreement is for three years from the 2009-10 sports season until 2011-12.

Putting Qatar on the international stage
Over the past decade, the Bank has enthusiastically supported Qatar’s two successful bids to host world-class sporting events. Additionally, the Bank played a lead role in the country’s actual hosting of the 2006 Asian Games – providing an army of volunteers and providing reliable and readily accessible banking services to organisers, participants and spectators of the event, which attracted more than 10,500 athletes representing 45 participating countries and regions from throughout Asia. It was the first time that all 45 member nations of the Olympic Council of Asia took part in this event and in addition to being the biggest Asian Games in history. Doha Asian Games 2006 drew a tv audience of an estimated 1.5 billion viewers.

More than 150 QNB Group employees served as volunteers, and helped facilitate the successful implementation of the Doha Asian Games, which were hosted by Qatar in December 2006. QNB Group served as the Official Bank of the Games – offering banking services to participating athletes through a series of temporary branches within Athletes’ Village, the airport and the media centre. It also provided significant financial support. That year, QNB Group also conducted the first-of-its-kind comprehensive sports research in Qatar which has shed light on the level of appreciation for sports in the country.

In 2009 QNB Group also backed the Olympic Committee for Special Needs, respecting its goal of enabling physically and mentally challenged individuals to reach their potential.

Official Bank of Qatar 2022 Bid
In 2010, QNB Group proudly supported Qatar’s successful bid, as Official Bank of the Bid, to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. This is a prime example of how QNB Group throws its full support behind the country’s mission to secure a unique opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities to a global audience.

The Bank’s support for the 2022 World Cup event will dominate its future CSR agenda and it will be keen to develop and implement plans to ensure the financial needs of organisers – whether firms involved in facility and infrastructure construction to prepare Qatar for its role as host nation – or the personal banking needs of the wealth of participants and visitors that will congregate in Doha to witness the 2022 spectacle.

QNB Group Football and Cricket Teams
QNB Group integrated its support for sports in its Staff Engagement programme by the formation of a football team and a cricket team that participated in various leagues in Doha, such as the first Companies and Institutions Indoor Football League. Both teams comprise of players from various departments of the Bank.
Supporting world-class competitions
QNB Group also undertook multiple-year commitments to sponsor Qatar’s four major sports championships – football, basketball, handball and volleyball, which included funding the league championships in Football: the H.H. Heir Apparent Cup and the H.H. Emir Cup.
Racquet sports
The success of Qatar’s ongoing international tennis championships can be attributed, in part, to the Bank’s support. QNB Group was the Official Bank and one of the major sponsors of the Qatar ExxonMobil Tennis Tournament for nearly two decades. The Bank has also sponsored the Women’s event the Qatar Total Open on many occasions. Both events are very high profile and welcome the world’s top tennis players.

In 2008, the Bank supported the community through tennis in another way as well. In conjunction with the Qatar Total Open Tennis tournament for women, donations were presented to Al Noor Institute for the Blind and the Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs.

In addition, it has supported the International Squash Championships and the Military Open Tennis Championship which is one of the few events in Qatar that brings together members of the armed services and civilians.

QNB Group has also been an enthusiastic supporter of the Qatar Motocross and Motorcycling Federation including a sponsor of Qatari Middle East Rally Champion Nasser Saleh Al Attiyah’s team. Nasser is a key role model for young Qataris keen to prove their abilities and has inspired many youth in motorsport as well as other areas of personal achievement.
Supporting development of local athletes
On the local level, QNB Group has played an ongoing role in the support of numerous sports clubs, supporting local tournaments and subsidising a range of sports clubs that serve Qatar residents. Local sport clubs and federations that have benefited from the Bank’s support over the past decade include the Qatari Football, Handball, Basketball and Volleyball Federations as well as the Qatar Women’s Sport Committee.

QNB Group has also sponsored the Qatar Masters, the country’s first major golf tournament, an event it continued to support periodically throughout the previous decade. In addition it sponsored the British sailor Tony Bullimore on his catamaran “Doha 2006” in an attempt to break the non-stop around-the-world sailing record. The Bank was also the sponsor of the Qatar Basketball Team during the FIBA World Championship 2006, the most competitive basketball event.